• Subrec 03: Gal Tsadok-Hai

Gal Tsadok-Hai was intrigued by two mysterious transmissions while working on this deep, hypnotic release. In "Mass", segments of The Conet Project were used. These tapes were supposedly operated by government agencies to communicate with their spies during the Second World War. The recordings combined with rhythmic dance grooves make for a dark, mesmerizing atmosphere.

The recordings used in "Ralph" owe their origin to Timothy Leary, an American psychologist who experimented with LSD in the 1960s. He used recordings of his own voice to meditate to while experiencing the effects of the drug. "Ralph" gives this release an edgy feel that is more mechanical as opposed to the subtle hypnotic sound of "Mass".

In addition, this release contains remixes by Jurwin Abbo, Onderweg Naar Niks, Viktor Tom and Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie. The deep, powerful vibe on these tracks represents the Amsterdam techno scene and what SUB1990 stands for as a label.

Gal Tsadok-HaiGal Tsadok-HaiOnderweg Naar NiksOnderweg Naar NiksJeff RushinJeff RushinNicole RosieNicole RosieJurwin AbboJurwin Abbo