• Subrec 05: Various

In this fifth chapter of the story we chose to bring three original tracks each from a different artist. Leak, responsible for a powerful remix on the previous release, arranged a mesmerizing and grooving piece of work with his "Entity 19". The track, fitting for various dance floor sets, consists of a hypnotic lead supported by Leaks characteristic drums.

Vand, formerly known as Viktor Tom, dropped a subtly tension building piece on "Orelid". With a lot of melodic structures going on, it is still highly danceable.

To seal the assemblage Gal Tsadok-Hai put together a slow spellbinding track. "Cloak" shows a boiling baseline, spherical melodics and a surprising acid twist in the middle.

The accompanying film for Subrec 05 is shot by Serhan Meewisse in Greece. With these images he succeeded to translate sound into visual.

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